Infrastructure and Facilities Offered

Infrastructure and Facilities Offered

Suren Das College offers almost all the required facilities of an institution of Higher Education


Only online form fill-up facility is available for admission.

College administration

The administrative office is located in the science building. It is fully digitalized and automated with office management software. Activities like admission and registration of students, maintenance of accountsetc. are done digitally.

Book Bank

The college has introduced a Book Bank in the Library for helping the deserving students with Text Books and Reference Book.

Departmental Library

Apart from the Central Library, the students can also use the books of the departmental libraries.


The College has a Girls’ Hostel that can accommodate more than 100 boarders. Hostel seats will be offered only to unmarried girl students

Seminar Hall

The Seminar Hall can accommodate approximately 160 persons. It is fitted with latest equipments like short throw projector, over head projector, ITC Podium, ITC portable PA system etc. These are also used as teaching aids.

Computer Laboratory

A fully AC Computer Lab consisting of around 30 branded computers loaded with windows latest version is also available in the college. All computers are based on Pentium Iv and Dual Core Technology. The Computers are connected to LAN through a central server.

Language Lab

The College has awell-equipped Language Lab.It is an effective electronic audio visual aid for acquiring proficiency in any language through the software of Learning, Speaking, Reading and Writing. (LSRW).

Insurance Facility

A uniform insurance cover of minimum Rs. 30,000/- per students is offered on payment of Rs. 35.40 per year at the time of admission.

Multi - GYM

The multi-gym is situated on the 2nd floor of Science Building. Students, teachers and even the outsiders can avail this facility on payment of nominal fee.

Remedial Classes

There is a provision for arrangement of remedial classes for SC/ST& Dropout students of TDC classes sponsored by UGC.

Information & Career Guidance Cum Placement Cell

This cell endeavours to make students aware of employment opportunities and competitive examinations organised by different Govt. & Non Govt. agencies. The cell operates under the guidance of an experienced and resourceful teacher.


A sophisticated auditorium with a capacity to accommodate approximately 500 persons, fitted with latest equipments like short throw projector, over head projector, ITC Podium, ITC portable PA system etc.

College Office

College Office is situated in the administrative part of the Science Building in the ground floor. The College office is provided with Academic DCL, a locally developed office management software that is installed to automate all the functions and activities of the office. Activities like Administration, Registration of Students, Accounts, Salary Statement etc. are being computerized.

Common Room for students

The Boys’ &Girls’ Common Rooms are provided with adequate facilities.

Uninterrupted Electric Supply

The College has provided two Generator Sets with 10KVA & 30KVA capacities to provide uninterrupted power supply. Process is on to provide electricity through Solar Energy tapping device.


The College Canteen remains open during class hours that provides hygienic food at nominal rate. There is a Canteen Committee to look after its management.

Departmental Common Room for Teachers

Departmental Common Room of teachers is provided with adequate facilities of library,Desktop PC with Internet connection and open accessibility of e-resources.

Smart Classes

We have set up one smart classroom which is expected to benefit the students immensely. We have planned to introduce some more smart classrooms in the coming days.

Drinking Water

Purified drinking water is available for all in the college campus.

Wi-Fi facility

The college has 10 mbps high speed Wi-Fi with lease line facility.

Indoor sports stadium

Adjacent to the Girls’ Hostel, the Indoor sports stadium is under construction which is funded by the UGC under 12th Plan period.

Feedback &Attendance

Feedback as well as attendance of students will be maintained through online process from the 2018-19 session.

Classrooms and laboratories

Adequate number of classrooms with spacious area are available. A big two storied building with an area of 15,000 sq. ft. (7500 sq. ft. Ground floor & 7500 sq. ft. 1st floor) has been donated by Hajo No.1 SamabaySamiti. Two well equipped laboratories with sufficient spaces for the Dept. of Geography and Education are there to cater to the needs of the students.Four well equipped laboratories for Science Stream are also available and expansion of which are to be made shortly for B.Sc. Course.New classrooms construction funded by RUSA is to be started very soon.

Central Library

Suren Das College Library was established in 1979. Since its inception, the library is able to fulfil the needs of the students, teachers and researchers in diverse fields. The library which started with only few textual ones now contains as much as 20490 Books from across the subject disciplines. The library has 12 Nos. of Printed Journals, 9 Nos. of Newspapers, and 13 Nos. of Manuscripts. Besides, the library also has e-books in the form of CD’s (7000+) as well as e-books & e-journals (1, 45,000 – eBooks and 6000+ e-journals) in digital form provided by InflibNet N-List consortium. Efforts are being made to digitize the whole college publications so that these resources can be accessed remotely. In-house activities of the library are done by using SOUL 2.0 Software developed by InflibNet. Institutional membership of National Digital Library is also provided to the students who faced difficulties in enrolling by themselves.

Waste Management

The college has a Vermicomposting unit for the proper utilization of the bio-degradable waste generated from the college canteen and garden.The college tries to maintain a plastic-free zone within the campus. However, minimal plastics generated, are given out to local vendors from time to time. Safety measures are taken for normal liquid waste in connection with the liquid waste management. Bio-medical wastes generated in the laboratories of the college especially in the department of MLT are collected in separate dustbins which shall be disposed off when sufficient quantity is stored. All e-wastes of the college are stored in appropriate places which are disposed systematically.The organic wastes generated in campus are recycled in the vermicomposting unit.There are no significant hazardous chemicals and radioactive waste generated in the college.Click here for Photo of Waste Mangemement.