Discipline :

All Rules and Regulations for Higher Secondary and Degree courses are followed as per guidelines of AHSEC/GU. A Committee, called Discipline committee, will go for maintaining discipline of the college. Uses of Mobile phone & Tobacco of any form are strictly prohibited inside the college campus. Wearing of College Uniform is compulsory. Students should always bring their Identity Card. All are entrusted with the responsibility to keep the college campus clean, green and pollution-free. A strong Anti-ragging Committee is being constituted to check ragging, and anti-social menace.


  1. A student, including the Scholarship holders is not eligible to sit in the Examination as regular candidates if he/she has not attended minimum of 75% lectures in each subject.
  2. Attendance in the practical classes is compulsory.
  3. A student abstaining from classes continuously for 25 days or more during the session without any valid ground shall forfeit his/her seat.

Dress Code :

The College will provide sample of the uniform to all the students during the time of admission and hence they will be responsible for preparing it. Students must wear decent uniform:Boys – Straight Regular fit Shirts and Trousers; Girls – Regular fit Trousers of Patiala mode will be allowed. In winter, students are to wear Black colour sweater. Violation of the dress code is a punishable offence and hence they will not be allowed to attend classes.